The Western Front Today - Potijze Chateau Lawn & Grounds Cemeteries

Potijze Chateau Lawn & Grounds Cemeteries are located in the hamlet of Potijze north-east of Ypres.

Although the two cemeteries may at first sight appear in fact to be a single, enlarged cemetery, the Chateau Grounds cemetery is separated from Chateau Lawns cemetery by a grass path and bank, although both are enclosed within the same wall.

Potijze Chateau was located nearby and was the site of an Advanced Dressing Station; the chateau (in reality merely a large house) was razed to the ground by German artillery fire and was not rebuilt.

In total some 602 British burials are contained within the two cemeteries.

Nearby is Potijze Burial Ground cemetery.

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A bunker comprised a fortification largely built below ground level.

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