The Western Front Today - Perth (China Wall) Cemetery

Named after a local communications trench ("The Great Wall of China" with the addition of "Perth" by Scottish soldiers) leading from nearby Zillebeke to the Menin Road which was encompassed by a tall bank of sandbags, Perth Cemetery was established by the French in November 1914.

The British took over the cemetery in June 1917 and used it until October that year.  No fewer than seven graves of men shot at dawn are contained within the cemetery as are another 4,023 graves of which 1,371 are unknown.  The majority of the burials are from the U.K. - 2,360 - with 134 Australian, 129 Canadian, 22 New Zealand and 7 South African.

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Duck-Boards comprised slatted wooden planking used for flooring trenches or muddy ground.

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