The Western Front Today - Martinpuich Cemetery

Martinpuich cemetery is situated in the village of Martinpuich.  Formerly in German hands it was captured by the 15th (Scottish) Division on 15 September 1916 as part of the Somme Offensive.  As with many other local sites it was retaken by the German Army during the great Spring offensive of 1918; it finally fell to the British once more in August 1918.

The cemetery was established in November 1916 and used by local units and field ambulances until June 1917 (and again in August 1918).  In 1931 ten graves were relocated from Martinpuich communal cemetery and relocated to the this cemetery.

The cemetery contains approximately 100 burials.

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A 'Woolly Bear' comprised a German shrapnel shell, which burst with a cloud-like explosion.

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