The Western Front Today - Lankhof Farm Bunkers

Built in a group of seven and located at Lankhof Farm in the Ypres Salient are a series of seven  excellently preserved bunkers.  They were built on a small island set aside from the farm (which was formerly surrounded by a moat).

The farm was in constant use by British artillery and infantry units throughout the war and was referred to as the Lankhof Battery.  The Messines Ridge - in German hands - was bombarded from this position prior to the opening of the Battle of Messines on 7 June 1917.  The bunkers were captured by the German Army during the great Spring advance on 27 April 1918 in spite of fierce British opposition.

The bunkers, while visible from the farm's driveway, cannot be viewed up close given that they lie on private land (used for grazing by farm animals).

However the farmer occasionally grants special permission for visitors to inspect the bunkers.

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The phrase "quiet sector" was used during WW1 to describe an area of the front in which little action typically took place.

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