The Western Front Today - Island of Ireland

Named the 'Island of Ireland Peace Park' this memorial was constructed to honour the joint dead of north and south Ireland.

Up to 250,000 men from north and south Ireland served in the First World War, coming together during the Messines offensive in 1917.  Up to 50,000 died during the war.

The Peace Park is relatively new and still under construction, and is due to be completed in stages.

The tower which forms the core of the Peace Park is called a Round Tower and was chosen as the design given their prevalence in the Irish countryside dating back many centuries, and which have no political or religious connotations.

As such the Round Tower is taken as a symbol of Ireland, north and south.

Film Footage of Island of Ireland

Around one million Indian troops served in WW1, of which some 100,000 were either killed or wounded.

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