The Western Front Today - Australian 1st Division Memorial

Situated some six miles from Albert this obelisk memorial sits on the forward slope of Pozieres Ridge.  The memorial commemorates the 5,285 men of the division who became casualties at Pozieres.

At the entrance to the memorial is a bronze plaque unveiled by the Australian Minister for Veterans' Affairs on 30 August 1993.

The memorial plaque is one of a number sponsored by private companies in Australia and were first introduced in Gallipoli in 1990.  Behind the memorial the Thiepval Memorial can be clearly seen on the horizon.

The ridge being a major feature it was severely fought for by both sides.  The ridge was a formidable obstacle with fortified cellars, network of defensive trenches and OP blockhouses.

One, called Gibraltar, is situated on a bank to the right of the memorial.

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A "biff" was a Bristol fighter plane.

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