On This Day - 19 September 1916

Spotlights over Paris Theatre definitions: Western Front comprises the Franco-German-Belgian front and any military action in Great Britain, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Holland.  Eastern Front comprises the German-Russian, Austro-Russian and Austro-Romanian fronts.  Southern Front comprises the Austro-Italian and Balkan (including Bulgaro-Romanian) fronts, and Dardanelles.  Asiatic and Egyptian Theatres comprises Egypt, Tripoli, the Sudan, Asia Minor (including Transcaucasia), Arabia, Mesopotamia, Syria, Persia, Afghanistan, Turkestan, China, India, etc.  Naval and Overseas Operations comprises operations on the seas (except where carried out in combination with troops on land) and in Colonial and Overseas theatres, America, etc.  Political, etc. comprises political and internal events in all countries, including Notes, speeches, diplomatic, financial, economic and domestic matters.  Source: Chronology of the War (1914-18, London; copyright expired)

Western Front

Bad weather hinders both British and French operations.

Eastern Front

Desperate fighting on Narajowka river, Halicz region.  Germans claim success here and on Stokhod (Pripet); many prisoners.

Heavy fighting in defile of Merisor (Transylvania) west of Petrozseny.  Battle lasts two days.  Romanians successful.

Romanians in Dobruja, holding the Rasova-Tuzla position, defending the railway Bucharest-Constanza, heavily engaged.

In Galicia, heavy fighting for three days past.

Southern Front

The Serbo-Russian-French Army advances, making great turning movement in their march on Monastir.

Naval and Overseas Operations

Belgians (under General Tombeaur) occupy Tabora.

Allied blockade of the Greek Macedonian Coast, from River Struma to River Mesto.

Political, etc.

M. Briand speaks against the dissident socialist faction of the Chamber.


On This Day