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Alexei Brusilov This page of the Who's Who section of the site lists biographical entries by country - in this case, Russia.  Here are biographies of Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas II.

There are biographies also of his numerous field commanders, including Alexander Samsonov, who committed suicide following the Russian disaster at Tannenberg.

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Biographies Description
RussiaTsarina Alexandra Tsarina
RussiaMikhail Alexeev Commander-in-Chief
RussiaPavel Argeyev Fighter Pilot
RussiaAlexei Brusilov Commander-in-Chief
RussiaYuri Danilov Deputy Chief of Staff
RussiaAnton Denikin Chief of Staff
RussiaVladimir Dragomirov General
RussiaNikolai Dukhonin Commander-in-Chief
RussiaAndrei Eberhardt Commander, Black Sea Fleet
RussiaNikolai von Essen Supreme Commander, Baltic Fleet
RussiaAlexei Evert General
RussiaVictor Fedorov Fighter Pilot
RussiaJuri Gilsher Fighter Pilot
RussiaIvan Goremykin Prime Minister
RussiaIvan Grigorovich Naval Minister
RussiaAlexander Guchkov Minister of War
RussiaVasily Gurko Commander-in-Chief
RussiaNikolai Ivanov General
RussiaAlexei Kaledin General
RussiaAlexei Kazakov Fighter Pilot
RussiaAlexander Kerenski Leader, Provisional Government
RussiaAlexander Kolchak Commander, Black Sea Fleet
RussiaLavr Kornilov Commander-in-Chief
RussiaAlexander Krivoshein Minister of Agriculture
RussiaAlexei Kuropatkin General
RussiaErnst Leman Fighter Pilot
RussiaPrince Georgy Lvov Prime Minister
RussiaNikolai Maklakov Minister of the Interior
RussiaGrand Duke Mikhail Monarch
RussiaTsar Nicholas II Monarch
RussiaGrand Duke Nikolai Commander-in-Chief
RussiaWenzel von Plehve General
RussiaAlexei Polivanov Minister of War
RussiaEduard Pulpe Fighter Pilot
RussiaGrigory Rasputin Advisor to Tsar and Tsarina
RussiaPaul von Rennenkampf General
RussiaMikhail Rodzianko Duma President
RussiaNikolai Ruzsky General
RussiaAlexander Samsonov General
RussiaSergei Sazonov Foreign Minister
RussiaDmitry Shcherbachev General
RussiaDmitry Shuvaev Minister of War
RussiaIvan Smirnov Fighter Pilot
RussiaBoris Sturmer Prime Minister
RussiaGrigory Suk Fighter Pilot
RussiaVladimir Sukhomlinov Minister of War
RussiaVictor Utgoff Fighter Pilot
RussiaPetr Wrangel General
RussiaVasili Yanchenko Fighter Pilot
RussiaNikolai Yanushkevich Chief of Staff
RussiaNikolai Yudenich General
RussiaFelix Yusupov Assassin of Grigory Rasputin
RussiaAndrei Zayonchkovski General
RussiaYakov Zhilinski General

"Hun" was a slang term used by the allies, to describe the Germans. "Boche" was another.

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