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Count Leopold von Berchtold This page of the Who's Who section of the site lists biographical entries by country - in this case, Austria-Hungary.

Here you'll find details on the life of the empire's last two Emperor's, Franz-Josef I and Karl I.  There are also biographies of Foreign Ministers Berchtold and Andrassy, along with many of the Austro-Hungarian wartime commanders.

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Biographies Description
Austria-HungaryViktor Adler Social Democrat
Austria-HungaryJulius Andrassy Foreign Minister
Austria-HungaryJulius Arigi Fighter Pilot
Austria-HungaryMoritz von Auffenberg-Komarow General
Austria-HungaryOtto Bauer Foreign Secretary
Austria-HungaryCount Leopold von Berchtold Foreign Minister
Austria-HungaryEduard Freiherr von Bohm-Ermolli Field Marshal
Austria-HungarySvetozar Boroevic von Bojna Field Marshal
Austria-HungaryGodwin Brumowski Fighter Pilot
Austria-HungaryCount Istvan Burian von Rajecz Foreign Minister
Austria-HungaryCount Heinrich von Clam-Martinic Prime Minister
Austria-HungaryOttokar Czernin Foreign Minister
Austria-HungaryCount Viktor Dankl von Krasnik General
Austria-HungaryFranz Baron Rohr von Denta Field Marshal
Austria-HungaryConstantin Dumba Ambassador to US
Austria-HungaryArchduke Eugen Field Marshal
Austria-HungaryArchduke Franz Ferdinand Heir Presumptive
Austria-HungaryBenno Fiala von Fernbrugg Fighter Pilot
Austria-HungaryEmperor Franz Josef I Monarch
Austria-HungaryArchduke Friedrich Commander-in-Chief
Austria-HungaryAdmiral Haus Naval Commander-in-Chief
Austria-HungaryMiklos Horthy de Nagybanya Commander-in-Chief
Austria-HungaryConrad von Hotzendorf Commander-in-Chief
Austria-HungaryBaron Max Hussarek von Heinlein Prime Minister
Austria-HungaryArchduke Josef Augustin Field Marshal
Austria-HungaryArchduke Josef Ferdinand General
Austria-HungaryEmperor Karl I/Charles IV Monarch
Austria-HungaryCount Karolyi Hungarian Prime Minister
Austria-HungaryFranz von Keil Admiral
Austria-HungaryRaphael Kirchner Illustrator
Austria-HungaryJosef Kiss Fighter Pilot
Austria-HungaryErnst von Korber Austrian Minister-President
Austria-HungaryHermann Kovess von Kovesshaza Commander-in-Chief
Austria-HungaryAlexander von Krobatin Minister of War
Austria-HungaryBela Kun Prime Minister
Austria-HungaryHeinrich Lammasch Austrian Minister-President
Austria-HungaryFrank Linke-Crawford Fighter Pilot
Austria-HungaryMaximilian Njegovan Naval Commander-in-Chief
Austria-HungaryKarl von Pflanzer-Baltin General
Austria-HungaryOskar Potiorek General
Austria-HungaryAlois Fürst Schönburg-Hartenstein General
Austria-HungaryR. Stoger-Steiner von Steinstatten Minister of War
Austria-HungaryArz von Straussenberg Commander-in-Chief
Austria-HungaryCount Karl von Sturgkh Austrian Minister-President
Austria-HungaryCount Tisza Hungarian Prime Minister
Austria-HungaryAlexander Wekerle Hungarian Prime Minister

"Hun" was a slang term used by the allies, to describe the Germans. "Boche" was another.

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