Who's Who - Ahmed Izzet Pasha

Ahmed Izzet Pasha (1864-1937) served as both a field commander and Grand Vizier in the Ottoman Empire during World War One.

Experienced as a military campaigner Izzet's political moderation endeared him to new Sultan Mehmed VI on the latter's ascension to the throne on 3 July 1918.  Despite the ultimate crashing failure of Izzet's field career in the wake of disaster in the Caucasus in summer 1916, the new Sultan promptly dismissed the Young Turk administration led by Enver and Talaat and installed Izzet as his new Grand Vizier.

Izzet had earlier served as Minister of War prior to the outbreak of war before being ousted by Enver.

It was Izzet who negotiated the Ottoman armistice with the British at Mudros (having first released the interned British General Townshend for the purpose) on 30 October 1918.

Subsequently Izzet served as Minister of Internal Affairs in Ahmed Tevfik Pasha's post-war government.

Despite its official abolition in 1924 at the hands of Kemal Izzet remained a firm supporter of the caliphate until his eventual death in 1937.

'White Star' was a German mixture of chlorine and phosgene gas, so-named on account of the identification marking painted on the delivery shell casing.

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