Encyclopedia - Pulemyot Maxima Gun

Russian Pulemyot Maxima machine gun The Pulemyot Maxima PM1910 comprised a 7.62mm water cooled Russian machine gun adopted in 1910 and modelled closely on the original Maxim gun developed by Hiram S. Maxim.

Highly durable and reliable, the water-cooled Pulemyot Maxima, which weighed approximately 72kg with its mounting, was loaded via rounds of 250 fabric belt Mosin-Nagant cartridges.  It was produced in significant numbers and remained in Russian use until the Second World War, and was additionally deployed by other countries including North Korea during the Korean War.

The gun's cyclic firing rate was theoretically 520-580 rounds per minute, which was reduced to 250-300 rounds per minute during actual use.  Its maximum range was estimated at 3,500 metres with an effective range of 2,700 metres. 

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