Primary Documents - Treaty of Bucharest, 7 May 1918: Articles 29-31

Romanian Prime Minister Ion IC Bratianu

Eighth Chapter:
Final Provisions

Article 29

The economic relations between the Allied Powers and Roumania will be regulated in special treaties which form an essential part of the peace treaty, and, in so far as it is not therein stipulated to the contrary, will enter into force simultaneously with the latter.  The same applies to the reestablishment of public and private legal relations, the settlement of military and civil damages, the exchange of war prisoners and interned civilians, the decree of amnesties as well as the treatment of river boats and other means of traffic that have come into the power of the opponent.

Article 30

With regard to the interpretation of this treaty, the German text and the Roumanian text will

be authoritative in the relations between Germany and Roumania; the German text, the Hungarian text and the Roumanian text with regard to the relations between Austria-Hungary and Roumania; the Bulgarian text and the Roumanian text in the relations between Bulgaria and Roumania, and the Turkish text and the Roumanian text in the relations between Turkey and Roumania.

Article 31

This peace treaty shall be ratified and ratifications exchanged in Vienna as soon as possible.  In so far as it is not otherwise stated herein, the peace treaty goes into force at the time of its ratification.

In faith whereof the Plenipotentiaries have signed this peace treaty and affixed their official seals to it.

Done in quintuple original in Bucharest, 7 May, 1918.

A "chit" was British slang for a piece of paper.

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Treaty of Bucharest

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