Primary Documents - Treaty of Bucharest, 7 May 1918: Articles 27-28

Romanian Prime Minister Ion IC Bratianu

Seventh Chapter:
Equality of Religions in Roumania

Article 27

Equal freedom is granted in Roumania to the Roman Catholic, to the United Greek, to the Bulgarian Orthodox, to the Protestant, to the Musselman, and to the Jewish faiths, and each shall receive the same juridical and official protection as that accorded the Roumanian Orthodox faith.

Especially, they shall have the right to establish parishes or communities of faith, as well as schools which are to be regarded as private schools and may not be interfered with except in the case of a violation of the national security or of public order.  In all private and public schools, the pupils may not be compelled to attend religious instruction unless it is given by an authorized teacher of their faith.

Article 28

The difference in religious faith must not exercise in Roumania any influence over the status of the inhabitants from the viewpoint of their rights, especially as regards their political and civil rights.  The principle expressed in paragraph 1 will likewise be applicable in so far as concerns

the naturalization of the population of Roumania without nationality, inclusive of the Jews, hitherto regarded as aliens.  To that end there will be decreed in Roumania, up to the time of the ratification of the peace treaty, a law according to which all persons without nationality who have taken part in the war, either in the active military service, or in the auxiliary service, or who are born in the country and are settled there and whose parents were there born, shall be regarded forthwith as Roumanian nationals with all the rights as such, and may have themselves registered as such in the courts the acquisition of Roumanian nationality will likewise extend to the married women, the widows and minor children.

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