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Arthur Balfour This page of the Who's Who section of the site lists biographical entries by country - in this case, the United Kingdom.

Here you'll find details on the life and work of the two British wartime Prime Ministers, Asquith and Lloyd George.  There are also biographies of the many British commanders in the field in addition to entries for a wide variety of other personalities.

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Biographies Description
United KingdomArthur Edward Aitken General
United KingdomSir William Maxwell Aitken Minister of Information
United KingdomSir Edwin Alderson General
United KingdomSir Edmund Allenby Commander-in-Chief, Palestine
United KingdomEdward Ashmore London Air Defence Commander
United KingdomHerbert Henry Asquith Prime Minister
United KingdomSir William Babtie Director of Medical Supplies
United KingdomSir Reginald Bacon Commander, Dover Patrol
United KingdomBruce Bairnsfather Cartoonist
United KingdomSir Herbert Baker War Graves Architect
United KingdomArthur Balfour Foreign Secretary
United KingdomAlbert Ball Fighter Pilot
United KingdomPrince Louis of Battenberg First Sea Lord
United KingdomSir David Beatty Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet
United KingdomLord Beaverbrook Minister of Information
United KingdomEdward Bingham Naval Commander
United KingdomSir Noel Birch Chief Naval Adviser
United KingdomSir William Birdwood General
United KingdomRobert Blackburn Aircraft Designer
United KingdomSir Reginald Blomfield Architect of Menin Gate
United KingdomSir Louis Jean Bols General
United KingdomAndrew Bonar Law Conservative Leader
United KingdomSir Muirhead Bone War Artist
United KingdomWalter Braithwaite General
United KingdomFenner Brockway Home Secretary
United KingdomLord Bryce Author, Bryce Report
United KingdomJohn Buchan Director of Information
United KingdomEdward Bulfin General
United KingdomGeorge Butterworth Composer/Collector
United KingdomSir Julian Byng General
United KingdomSir George Callaghan Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet
United KingdomSir Sackville Carden Admiral
United KingdomAlfred Carpenter Captain
United KingdomSir Edward Carson Leader, UVF
United KingdomEarl of Cavan Commander-in-Chief, Italy
United KingdomEdith Cavell Nurse
United KingdomJohn Charteris General
United KingdomSir Philip Chetwode Field Marshal
United KingdomSir Winston Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty
United KingdomTubby Clayton Founder of 'Toc H'
United KingdomSir Alexander Cobbe General
United KingdomSir John Cowans Quartermaster-General
United KingdomSir Christopher Cradock Rear-Admiral
United KingdomSir Henry de Beauvoir de Lisle General
United KingdomLord Derby Minister of War
United KingdomSir John de Robeck Admiral
United KingdomSir Charles Dobell General
United KingdomLionel Dunsterville General
United KingdomSir James Edmonds Official War Historian
United KingdomEdward Evans Captain
United KingdomSir James Alfred Ewing Head of Room 40
United KingdomAdmiral John Fisher First Sea Lord
United KingdomSir John French Commander-in-Chief, BEF
United KingdomBernard Freyberg General
United KingdomPhilip Fullard Fighter Pilot
United KingdomJohn Fuller Tank Strategist
United KingdomSir Auckland Geddes Minister of National Service
United KingdomSir Eric Geddes First Lord of the Admiralty
United KingdomKing George V Monarch
United KingdomSir Philip Gibbs Journalist
United KingdomSir Alexander Godley General
United KingdomWilliam Goodenough Admiral
United KingdomGeorge Gorringe General
United KingdomSir Edward Grey Foreign Secretary
United KingdomSir Douglas Haig Commander-in-Chief, BEF
United KingdomRichard Haking General
United KingdomLord Haldane Lord Chancellor
United KingdomSir William Hall Director of Naval Intelligence
United KingdomSir Lionel Halsey Fourth Sea Lord
United KingdomSir Ian Hamilton Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean
United KingdomSir Alexander Hamilton Gordon General
United KingdomMaurice Hankey Secretary of War Cabinet
United KingdomCharles Harington Deputy Chief of Imperial General Staff
United KingdomEvelina Haverfield Suffragette/WRAC Commandant
United KingdomLanoe Hawker Fighter Pilot
United KingdomHesketh Hesketh-Prichard Sniping Expert
United KingdomNorman Holbrook Naval Commander
United KingdomSir Horace Hood Admiral
United KingdomSir Henry Horne General
United KingdomArchibald Hunter General
United KingdomSir Aylmer Hunter-Weston General
United KingdomElsie Inglis Suffragette/Medical Pioneer
United KingdomSir Henry Jackson First Sea Lord
United KingdomSir John Jellicoe First Sea Lord
United KingdomAlan Jerrard Fighter Pilot
United KingdomHugh Jeudwine General
United KingdomSir Roger Keyes Admiral
United KingdomSir Launcelot Kiggell Chief of Staff to Douglas Haig
United KingdomSir Percival Lake General
United KingdomFrederick Lambart General
United KingdomSir Harry Lauder Musician
United KingdomT.E. Lawrence 'Lawrence of Arabia'
United KingdomWilliam Leefe-Robinson Fighter Pilot
United KingdomPercy Wyndham Lewis Artist
United KingdomDavid Lloyd George Prime Minister
United KingdomSir Edwin Lutyens War Graves Architect
United KingdomSir George MacDonogh Director of Military Intelligence
United KingdomGeoffrey Malins Official Photographer
United KingdomEdward Mannock Fighter Pilot
United KingdomSir William Marshall Commander-in-Chief, Mesopotamia
United KingdomCharles Masterman Head of War Propaganda
United KingdomSir Frederick Maude Commander-in-Chief, Mesopotamia
United KingdomSir Frederick Maurice General
United KingdomSir Hiram Maxim Inventor of Machine Gun
United KingdomSir Ivor Maxse General
United KingdomSir John Maxwell General
United KingdomJames McCudden Fighter Pilot
United KingdomJohn Benjamin McDowell Official Photographer
United KingdomReginald McKenna Home Secretary
United KingdomSir William Mills Inventor of Mills Bomb
United KingdomSir Berkeley Milne Admiral
United KingdomSir George Milne Field Marshal
United KingdomLord Alfred Milner Minister of War
United KingdomSir Charles Monro Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean
United KingdomThomas Mottershead Fighter Pilot
United KingdomSir Archibald Murray Commander-in-Chief, Palestine
United KingdomPaul Nash War Artist
United KingdomChristopher Nevinson War Artist
United KingdomHenry Nevinson Journalist
United KingdomSir John Nixon Commander-in-Chief, Mesopotamia
United KingdomSir John Norton-Griffiths Mining Liaison Officer
United KingdomIvor Novello Composer and Playwright
United KingdomSir William Orpen Artist
United KingdomSir William Pakenham Admiral
United KingdomLord Plumer Field Marshal
United KingdomSir Henry Rawlinson General
United KingdomCharles Repington Journalist
United KingdomWilliam Rhodes-Moorhouse Fighter Pilot
United KingdomArthur Rhys Davids Fighter Pilot
United KingdomSir William Robertson Chief of Imperial General Staff
United KingdomFlora Sandes Nurse/Serbian Soldier
United KingdomRobert Smith-Barry Aviation Pioneer
United KingdomSir Horace Smith-Dorrien General
United KingdomSir Nevill Maskelyne Smyth General
United KingdomWilfred Stokes Inventor of Stokes Mortar
United KingdomWilliam Stones Executed at Dawn
United KingdomSir Frederick Stopford General
United KingdomSir Frederick Sturdee Admiral
United KingdomSir Ernest Swinton General
United KingdomBert Thomas Artist
United KingdomChristopher Thomson Military Attaché to Romania
United KingdomSir Charles Townshend General
United KingdomArnold Toynbee Historian
United KingdomHugh Trenchard Chief of Air Staff
United KingdomSir Ernest Troubridge Admiral
United KingdomSir Fabian Ware Founder, CWGC
United KingdomRosslyn Wemyss First Sea Lord
United KingdomHenry Woollett Fighter Pilot

"Bellied" was a term used to describe when a tank's underside was caught upon an obstacle such that its tracks were unable to grip the earth.

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