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Enver Pasha This page of the Who's Who section of the site lists biographical entries by country - in this case the Ottoman Empire.

Entries include the man who virtually ruled the Ottoman Empire as a dictator during World War One, Enver Pasha; and the two Sultans who nominally ruled the Empire, Mehmed V and VI.

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Biographies Description
Ottoman EmpireMehmed Djaved Bey Finance Minister
Ottoman EmpireAhmed Djemal Pasha Military Governor of Syria
Ottoman EmpireEnver Pasha Minister of War
Ottoman EmpireAhmed Izzet Pasha Grand Vizier
Ottoman EmpireMustafa Kemal Pasha Post-war President
Ottoman EmpireKhalil Pasha General
Ottoman EmpireSultan Mehmed V Monarch
Ottoman EmpireSultan Mehmed VI Monarch
Ottoman EmpireSaid Halim Pasha Grand Vizier
Ottoman EmpireMehmed Talaat Pasha Minister of the Interior

The USA suffered 57,476 fatal army casualties during the war.

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