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Tom Hazell, a leading RFC air ace who survived the war with 43 aerial victories This page of the Who's Who section of the site lists biographical entries by country - in this case, Ireland.

Among the entries listed here are biographies of the Irish nationalist Sir Roger Casement - executed as a wartime traitor by the British government; and Tom Hazell, who as a leading airman with the British Royal Flying Corps achieved some 43 aerial victories.  Among others there is also a biographical sketch of Sir Hubert Gough, a key wartime commander ultimately relieved of active command on account of perceived failures during the Passchendaele campaign.

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Biographies Description
IrelandSir Roger Casement Irish Nationalist
IrelandSir Hubert Gough General
IrelandAlfred Harmsworth Director of Propaganda
IrelandTom Hazell Fighter Pilot
IrelandLord Kitchener Minister of War
IrelandLouis James Lipsett General
IrelandGeorge McElroy Fighter Pilot
IrelandLord Northcliffe Director of Propaganda
IrelandSir Henry Wilson Chief of Imperial General Staff

Russia mobilised 12 million men during the war; France 8.4 million; Britain 8.9 million; Germany 11 million; Austria-Hungary 7.8 million; Italy 5.6 million; and the USA 4.3 million.

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