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Photograph of Ferdinand Foch This page of the Who's Who section of the site lists biographical entries by country - in this case, France.

Here you'll find details on the life of the numerous French wartime premiers, including Briand and Clemenceau, along with the sole wartime President, Raymond Poincare.

There are also biographies of the many French field commanders and chiefs of staff.

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Biographies Description
FranceJean Paul Elzeard Ambrogi Fighter Pilot
FranceFrancois Anthoine General
FranceJean Augagneur Minister of Marine
FranceHenri Berthelot Chief of Staff
FranceMaurice Bizot Fighter Pilot
FrancePaul Bolo Traitor
FranceLeon Bourjade Fighter Pilot
FranceMaurice Boyau Fighter Pilot
FranceAristide Briand Prime Minister
FranceJoseph Caillaux Prime Minister
FrancePaul Cambon Foreign Minister
FranceJean Casale Fighter Pilot
FranceNoel de Castelnau General
FranceGeorges Clemenceau Prime Minister
FranceMichel Coiffard Fighter Pilot
FranceMarie-Eugene Debeney General
FranceAugustin Boue de Lapeyrere Naval C-in-C
FranceTheophile Delcasse Minister for Foreign Affairs
FranceFranchet d'Esperey Marshal
FranceAlbert Louis Deullin Fighter Pilot
FranceAuguste Dubail General
FrancePierre Dubois General
FranceDenis Auguste Duchene General
FranceJacques Ehrlich Fighter Pilot
FranceMarie Fayolle General
FranceFerdinand Foch Supreme Allied Commander
FranceRene Fonck Fighter Pilot
FranceJoseph Gallieni General
FranceHector Garaud Fighter Pilot
FranceRoland Garros Fighter Pilot
FrancePaul Gastin Fighter Pilot
FranceDominique-Marie Gauchet C-in-C, Mediterranean
FranceHenri Gouraud General
FranceGabriel Guerin Fighter Pilot
FranceAdolphe Guillaumat General
FranceGeorges Guynemer Fighter Pilot
FranceGeorges Humbert General
FranceJean Jaures Socialist Party Leader
FranceJoseph Joffre Commander-in-Chief
FranceAuguste Lahoulle Fighter Pilot
FranceMarie-Jean-Lucien Lacaze Minister of Marine
FranceFernand de Langle de Cary General
FranceCharles Lanrezac General
FranceMaxime Lenoir Fighter Pilot
FranceAdrien Leps Fighter Pilot
FranceHubert Lyautey War Minister
FranceLouis Malvy Minister of the Interior
FranceCharles Mace Fighter Pilot
FranceGeorges Madon Fighter Pilot
FrancePaul Maistre General
FranceCharles Mangin General
FrancePierre Marinovitch Fighter Pilot
FranceLouis Maud'huy General
FranceMichel-Joseph Maunoury General
FranceJoseph Alfred Micheler General
FranceAlexandre Millerand Minister of War
FranceJean Navarre Fighter Pilot
FranceRobert Nivelle Commander-in-Chief
FranceMarcel Nogues Fighter Pilot
FranceCharles Nungesser Fighter Pilot
FrancePaul Painleve Prime Minister
FrancePaul Pau General
FranceHenri-Philippe Petain Commander-in-Chief
FranceArmand Pinsard Fighter Pilot
FranceRaymond Poincare President
FranceAlexandre Ribot Prime Minister
FrancePierre Ruffey General
FranceMaurice Sarrail General
FranceAlbert Thomas Under-Secretary for Munitions
FranceRene Viviani Prime Minister
FranceMaxime Weygand Chief of Staff

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