Who's Who - Antonio, Marquis di San Giuliano

Antonio, Marquis di San Giuliano (1852-1914) served as Italy's Foreign Minister from 1910 until his death in 1914.

Born to a Sicilian noble family San Giuliano served as Italy's ambassador to London prior to his appointment as Foreign Minister in March 1910.

In the latter role San Giuliano acted to foster German relations while working to limit Austro-Hungarian influence in the Balkans, simultaneously maintaining good relations with the Entente nations.

During the July Crisis of 1914 he strove to maintain Italy's policy of neutrality, a stance he intended should be pursued until it became quite clear who was most likely to win the war.

In the event, following San Giuliano's death later in 1914 the Italian government moved ever closer to an alliance with the Entente Powers, eventually entering the war on 23 May 1915 against the Central Powers.

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