Who's Who - Said Halim Pasha

Said Halim Pasha Said Halim Pasha (1863-1921) served as Ottoman Grand Vizier from 1913-16.

As the grandson of famed Egyptian viceroy Muhammad Ali Pasha Said was educated in Turkey and Switzerland.

1888 saw Said's appointment as a member of the state judicial council.  He entered Mahmud Sevket's Cabinet in 1911 as Foreign Minister and, following Sevket's death two years later, was made Grand Vizier.

Despite his opposition to Ottoman involvement in the First World War he nevertheless signed the Turkish treaty of alliance with Germany in 1914.  Pondering resignation once war began in November 1914 he was persuaded to remain at the insistence of the Young Turk administration.

Said finally resigned as Grand Vizier in 1916 and was replaced by Mehmed Talaat Pasha.  He subsequently took up a seat in the Senate.  Writing extensively Said produced essays on the monarchy, Islam and current problems within the Ottoman Empire.

Following the Turkish armistice of 30 October 1918 at Mudros Said was exiled to Malta.  Following his release and subsequent travel to Rome he was murdered by an Armenian assassin on 6 December 1921.

'Case-Shot' was the name for a short-range artillery anti-personnel shell filled with pellets, chain-links, etc.

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