Who's Who - Louis Maud'huy

Louis Maud'huy Louis Ernest Maud'huy's (1857-1921) military career experienced both its peaks and troughs in the four years during which the First World War ran its course.

His career peak came early in the war when, in 1914, he was handed - albeit temporarily - command of the new French Tenth Army, a remarkable promotion.  Nevertheless his contribution to the French defence of 1914 was noteworthy and stood him in good stead later.

1916 saw Maud'huy demoted to command of XV Corps, which he retained through to the calamitous events of the great German push of Spring 1918.  The surprise German attack on the Aisne towards the close of that month forced the French, including Maud'huy's XV Corps, back towards the Marne - and once again the Germans were seemingly within reach of Paris.

By no means Maud'huy's fault - his commander, Duchene, was the prime culprit - the French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau however took the knife to both men, among others.

Maud'huy's military career appeared over; however, with the liberation of Metz in November 1918 Marshal Foch - who had noted Maud'huy's conduct at Arras approval during 1914 - appointed him its Military Governor.

Louis Ernest de Maud'huy died in 1921.

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