Encyclopedia - The 1st Inter-Allied Conference at Chantilly, 7 July 1915

Postcard of Sir John French The first inter-allied military conference of the war was convened at Chantilly shortly after Italy entered the conflict against the Central Powers.  Attending were representatives from Britain (including the Commander-in-Chief Sir John French and the Chief of the General Staff William Robertson), France (Alexandre Millerand the war minister and Joseph Joffre the Commander-in-Chief), Belgium, Italy, Serbia and Russia.

Joffre used the conference to advise his allies that only by concerted co-ordinated action would the most favourable conditions for an Allied victory present themselves.  However no specific undertakings were agreed as a consequence of the conference.

A subsequent conference, similarly convened at Chantilly some five months later, was more specific and ambitious in the clarity of its aims and led to a commitment whereby the other Allies would launch major offensives of their own should a given Allied nation find itself in clear danger from the Central Powers.

Stormtroopers comprised specially trained German assault troops used in 1918.

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