Encyclopedia - Carnet B

Jean Jaures Comprised of a list of some 2,500 names, 'Carnet B' comprised a French pre-war plan to arrest known radicals and antimilitarists in the event of a declaration of war either by or against France.

The premise behind Carnet B was the assumption that the opening of military hostilities would be given - at best - a lukewarm reception by the French populace at large.  To that end the rounding up of known political troublemakers would, it was believed, serve to lessen the possibility of a popular rejection of the government's war strategy.

In the event the outbreak of war against Germany in August 1914 produced an eruption of patriotism in France.  In addition the leader of the French socialist opposition to war, Jean Jaures, was murdered in the run-up to war during the so-called July Days.

Thus the French government, headed initially by Rene Viviani, chose not to activate Carnet B.  In the event an overwhelming majority of the names on the list enlisted with the French military.

"Devil Dogs" was the nickname given to the U.S. Marines by the German Army.

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